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Interview skills

Your cover letter and resume serve the purpose of getting you an interview. Now you need to interview well so you can get the job. Below are some quick tips on preparing for the interview.

1. Learn as much as you can about the organization for which you are applying. Review the organization's website, especially the “About us” section.  If the company has a mission statement or a list of values, become familar with them and incorporate a reference to them in your responses to questions.

2. Determine what you are going to wear a few days before the interview. Make sure your clothes are pressed and professional in appearance. The
How to Dress for an Interview webpage has some great information about dressing for an interview.

3. Participate in a mock interview. You can participate in a mock interview by calling SCC at 509-533-7249. You can also do a mock interview online at either
SCC InterviewStream or SFCC InterviewStream.    

4. Consider possible questions you will be asked and how you will respond. What are your stengths and weaknesses? Why do you want to work for the organization? What skills will you bring to the job? Read
10 Tough Interview Questions for questions to consider.

5. Consider the questions you want to ask. After doing your research on the organization, develop some questions you want the potential employer to answer. It is better to have some questions to ask than to say you have no questions. 

6. You may want to prepare an
elevator speech, which, at most, is a 90-second “commercial” about your skills, qualifications, job interests, goals and achievements. The other strategy is developing your own personal brand.   

7. Be on time for the interview. If you are not sure how long it will take to get to the location, do a practice run. Leave plenty of time in your travel schedule for potential problems such as traffic or bad weather. 

After you participate in the interview, you are not quite done. You will want to send a thank you note within 24 hours of the interview. It is acceptable to send a thank you e-mail, though a handwritten note is always appropriate. In your thank you note, mention your interest in the job and your skills again. You may even mention something specific about the interview that stood out.