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These free career assessments are useful in identifying possible career directions.
Self-assessments can help you learn how your interests, skills and values fit within the world of work, but completing self-assessments is an active process. You need to be willing to take additional steps after completing an assessment to get the most benefit.
Self-discovery can be enlightening. Use the links below to begin your career search.

Career One Stop 
This site contains information on career search strategies, assessment tools, job descriptions and more. You can:

The O*NET program has detailed descriptions of the world of work for job seekers. You can browse jobs by occupation type or by the skills needed for a job.

Riley Guide 
This site explains career assessments and provides links to different assessment tools. Some of the assessments are free and a small fee is charged for some.

Washington Career Bridge: Career Quiz 
A short quiz to give you an idea of what career field might be of interest to you.
At this website, you'll find numerous tools to help you explore your interests.
Workforce Explorer Washington 
Find information on employment trends in Washington state along with other resources for job seekers. Log in and save your information to explore it at a later date with one of their career counselors.

  • Career Interest Area:  Focus on your interests and identify career paths to explore.
  • Interest Profiler:  Sort occupations based on whether or not you would like to do the work.
  • Skills Assessment:  Identify occupations that match your skills and find out which skills are used by each occupation.
  • Work Importance Locator:  Learn more about your work values and decide what is important to you in a job. 

Search for jobs in Washington state.

Note: Career assessments will not tell you which occupation or major to select. They help you understand how majors and occupations fit into the world of work, and narrow or expand your major or career options.