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With assistance from the Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation, IEL Student Services offer several scholarships. These scholarships help support adult education students who need assistance to pay for GED test fees; application fees; college placement test fees; transportation,  including parking; and child care assistance.
Some scholarships can even pay for tuition, books and lab fees. These scholarships are limited and proof of need or income must be provided. See an IEL counselor for more information.
IEL students also may be eligible for other foundation scholarships. In addition to scholarships based on need, other scholarships are awarded based on merit or to support a specific field of study. The annual deadline for applications is 5 p.m., March 15. To be considered for over two hundred scholarships, apply at
www.ccs.spokane.edu/foundation or call the foundation office, 509-434-5123. 
Phone:  509-279-6048 or 509-279-6063