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GED® preparation online
Do you want to change your life, but don’t have time to enroll in GED® classes? 
Studying for your GED® online might be the answer.
Our GED® program offers:
•  Pre- and post-testing in the five GED® subjects (Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Writing)
•  Lessons with audio and video 
•  Compatibility with dial-up connections
•  Quality instructional feedback from our certified GED® college instructor
•  Excellent student tracking
•  Enrollment anytime
•  Tuition of only $25 per quarter 
Are you ready for online learning? 
You need:
  1. Access to a computer with an Internet connection
  2. An e-mail account
  3. Self-motivation 
Note:  The official GED® test may not be taken online and an appointment is necessary to take the test at one of our testing centers. Sign up online or call (509) 279-6200 to schedule a test.

The fee for the full battery of five tests is $150 or $30 per test.

Information: Michele Cook, (509) 279-6228.