Sevda Chilashvili, ESL, GED, College Prep and Head Start

After moving from Russia to the United States in 2006, Sevda Chilashvili wanted to improve her basic skills in English, math, reading and writing in preparation for college. She began attending classes through the Adult Education Center to help achieve her goals. Sevda says, “Now I like math and I never was successful in that before. I can also easily write an essay and my vocabulary has grown. I didn’t know anything about computers, but now I really love it!”
While she was attending the Adult Education Center, her children attended the Head Start program. “I was able to concentrate on my schoolwork because I knew that my children were well cared for.”  Sevda needed to work to be able to have her children in the program and continue attending classes. With the help of her supportive spouse, she was able to overcome this challenge and balance work, school and family. This was just one of many challenges she had to overcome: no family close by to help care for her children, learning English, temptations to accept other job opportunities instead of continuing school, taking the bus, and eventually learning to drive a car!
When asked what strengths or strategies helped her achieve her goals, Sevda responded, “I am a hopeful person and the preparation I have been provided has encouraged that feeling. It helped me to identify my goals, stay dedicated to them over time and keep working with that plan in mind. I was willing to make sacrifices and ask for help.” She encourages others, “It's possible to reach your goals even with challenges, Stay in school, finish high school and learn all you can to get a better job or career. Don’t give up!”